How to edit the SCORM settings

A step by step guide on how to edit the SCORM settings.
Written by Tom Jansen op de Haar
Updated 2 months ago

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Click on "Courses" in the sidebar.

  2. Look for the course that contains the SCORM package you want to edit. Click on the "Manage content" button.

  3. In the Manage course screen click on the orange "Edit content" button.

  4. Scroll down to the SCORM package you want to edit and click on the Pencil button.

  5. In the General tab you can change the name and description.

  6. In the Package tab you can Delete and Add the SCORM package, only one file is allowed so if you want to replace the file you should delete it first.

  7. In the Appearance tab you can change the way the SCORM should be displayed to your users.

  8. If you want your SCORM to be available for a limited time, you can set that up in the Availability tab.

  9. You can setup grading in the Grade tab. There are 4 grading methods:
    - Learning objects - The number of completed/passed learning objects.
    - Highest grade - The highest score obtained in all passed learning objects.
    - Average grade - The mean of all the scores.
    - Sum grade - The sum of all the scores.

  10. If you want to limit the attempts, you can manage this in the Attempts management tab.

  11. You can change the Compatability settings.

  12. And finally the Common module settings.

  13. When done editing, you can click save and return to course or save and display to check if everything is working correctly.

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