LTI Tool settings

LT tool settings can be configured during first time set-up of the tool and changed afterwards. In this article we will explain the tool settings and their effects on tool behavior.
Written by Joris Even
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LTI tool version

Tool version can be set to "Legacy (1.1/2.0)" or "Advanced (1.3)".  

Tool name

The name of the instance (tool name) can be set to any value you desire. This is only for internal use. 

Enrolment duration

Enrolment duration will determine the amount of time a user will have acces to you tool after registering the first time. 

Enrolment period

The enrolment period will determine during what period a user will be able to view the learning object (SCORM). It can have both a start and an endtime. Setting a start time or end time is not mandatory. 

Maximum enrolled users

When set to 0 there is no limit. Any other value will determine the maximum number of users that is allowed to register to this specific LTI tool. This number can be changed at any time. 


Currently the platform only supports the Student role. If you wish to utilize different role, please let us know. 


The secret will be generated by default, but can be changed at any time. It is also possible to use the same secret for more than one LTI tool. 

Grade synchronisation

Grade synchronisation can be set to Yes or No. This will determine if the external system (LTI Consumer) will receive grades from the learning object (SCORM). 

Completion prior to synchronisation. 

Can be set to Yes or No. When set to Yes, it will only push the grade when the Learning Object is set to "complete". 

User synchronisation

Some LMS's support user synchronization. This setting will determine its behavior. 
Usually a user is registered to a tool when the user opens the tool in the LMS. When using synchronization a scheduled task can enrol (register) or unenrol (delete) users automatically. 

Please note that after unenrolment a users results will no longer be available in the Linqur platform. 

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