Add a SCORM-package as LTI consumer in Moodle LMS 4.x with Linqur via LTI Legacy (1.1/2.0)

A step by step guide to add a SCORM-package as LTI consumer in Moodle LMS 4.x with Linqur via LTI Legacy (1.1/2.0).
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Step by step instruction

  1. Create a course in Linqur. Tutorial here.
  2. Add a SCORM package. Tutorial here.
  3. Add a Legacy LTI tool in Linqur.

    After creating your course and adding a SCORM, go to the course and open the "LTI tools" page. Here you select "Add LTI tool".
  4. Give your tool a name, select Legacy LTI and select your added SCORM package. When done click on the "Add tool" button.
  5. After adding the tool, you will be redirected to the "Tool details" page. This holds all the details you need to connect to this tool with an external Moodle platform. Look for the "Launch details" section. This is the information you need to connect to this tool.

    Everything is now set-up on the Linqur side, this tutorial will continue with a step by step instruction on how to set-up your Moodle platform to connect to the created LTI Legacy tool.
  6. Log-in to the Moodle platform. If you don't have a course set-up go to "Site administration" / "Courses" / "Add a new course". If you already have a course set-up proceed to step 8.
  7. Give your course a name, short name and choose a category. You can add more options to the course but those are optional. Click on "Save and display".
  8. Your course is now created and will display in your screen, you have to set Moodle to "Edit mode" if you want to add content to your course. You can do this by using the switch in the top-right corner of the screen.
  9. Select "Add an activity or resource".
  10. Select "External tool".
  11. First give the activity a name and select "Automatic, based on tool URL" at Preconfigured tool, then select "Show more".
  12. Now we need the "Launch details" we got from Linqur at step 5.
    - Add the "Launch URL" you got from Linqur at "Secure tool URL" in Moodle.
    - Change the "Launch container" in Moodle to where you want to launch the SCORM package. Use "embed" if you want to embed the SCORM in the course, use "existing window" if you want to launch in the same tab so you exit Moodle or "new window" if you want to launch the SCORM in a new tab.
    - At "Consumer key" you can insert an arbitrary string, for example "123" or "abc" is sufficient.
    - At "Shared secret" you have to enter the "Secret" you got from Linqur.
    - For "Tool URL" you can enter the Launch URL again form Linqur.
    These are the mandatory settings, everything else is optional.
    If everything is filled out correctly, Moodle will give you a green checkmark.

  13. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Save and return to course".
  14. Add a user (participant) to the course and this user will now be able to open the SCORM package from Linqur.
  15. The user has to select the activity in the course.
  16. And will be redirected to the SCORM in Linqur. 
  17. As soon as the user views the SCORM-package, a registration will be added to Linqur.
  18. You can now view who registered in the "Registered user" table at the bottom of the Tool details page.

Please contact with any questions you might have.

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