Share a SCORM from Linqur to Pluvo via Legacy LTI

A step by step instruction on how to share a SCORM from Linqur via Legacy LTI.
Written by Tom Jansen op de Haar
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A step by step instruction

  1. Create a course in Linqur. Tutorial here.
  2. Add a SCORM package. Tutorial here.
  3. Add a Legacy LTI tool in Linqur. Tutorial here. Follow steps 3 to 5.
  4. Create a Learning trajectory in Pluvo. Tutorial here.
  5. In your Learning trajectory select "More modules" and then select "LTI Module".
  6. A Modal window will show where you need to fill out the tool details.

    You need to get these details from Linqur.
  7. Go back to Linqur, go to "Courses" in the sidebar, click on "View tools" in the course card that holds the SCORM you want to share. 
  8. Select the LTI tool you created to share the SCORM package.
  9. Scroll down to "Launch details". You will need the "Secret" and the "Launch URL".
  10. Fill out the modal window at Pluvo as follows.

    Titel: Give the module a name.
    LTI url: Fill out the "Launch URL" from Linqur.
    LTI key: Fill out an arbitrary string, like "123" or "abc".
    LTI Secret: Fill out the "Secret" from Linqur.
    When done, click "Opslaan" to save.
  11. The LTI module is now created, go back by clicking "Terug naar overzicht".
  12. Test the module by clicking on it in the Learning trajectory.
  13. If successful a registration will be added in Linqur.
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