How to test a Legacy LTI (1.1) connection with Saltire

A step by step guide on how to test your Legacy LTI connection with Saltire.
Written by Tom Jansen op de Haar
Updated 2 months ago

A step by step instruction

  1. Go to
  2. Select "User" in the sidebar.
  3. Use the dropdown menu "Select a user" in the top-right of the screen. Select a learner from the dropdown.
  4. Go to "Message" in the sidebar.
  5. Add the settings you want to test.
  6. Check for the launch details in your Linqur LTI tool overview screen.
  7. Go to "Security Model" in the sidebar. Fill out the details of the LTI tool you want to test.

    LTI version: LTI-1p0 is Legacy LTI.
    Message URL: is the "Launch URL" supplied by Linqur.
    Consumer key: you can fill out an arbitrary string like "123" or "abc". 
    Shared secret: fill out the "Secret" supplied by Linqur.
    When everything is filled out, hit "Save" top-left of the screen.
  8. Now everything is setup to test the connection. Use the "Connect" button top-right to test the connection.
  9. After completion of test you can see diagnostics under the "View" button. 
    Last service message displays the http request and if everything went well it should display a request and a response.


    If the course could be completed and you did then you can check this by looking in "Gradebook" under the "View" button.

  10. Check the Linqur LTI tool overview screen if the user you selected is registered and has a grade.
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