Practicle applications of the API

Utilizing the APIs on the Linqur platform allows for efficient management of courses, users, tools, and learning objects.
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Below is an overview of how you can use these APIs for various tasks:

Managing Courses

  • Create a Course: Use courseAdd to add a new course. Provide the course name and, optionally, a short name.
  • Update a Course: With courseUpdate, you can modify the details of an existing course, such as its name or short name, by specifying the course ID.
  • Delete a Course: To remove a course, courseDelete requires the course ID.

Managing Learning Objects

  • List Learning Objects: Retrieve a list of learning objects in a course using courseLearningobjectList by providing the course ID.
  • Add a SCORM Package: Use courseLearningObjectScromAdd to add a SCORM package as a learning object to a specified course.
  • Update SCORM Learning Object: Modify the details of a SCORM learning object within a course using courseLearningobjectScormUpdate.
  • Delete Learning Object: To remove a learning object, use courseLearningObjectDelete with the learning object ID.

Managing Tools and LTI Integrations

  • List Tools: Retrieve all tools within a course using courseToolList. You need to provide the course ID.
  • Add a Tool: Use courseToolAdd to add a new tool to a course. You'll need to provide details like the course ID, LTI version, and tool name.
  • Update a Tool: Modify the details of a tool using courseToolUpdate. This requires the tool ID and the details to be updated.
  • Delete a Tool: Remove a tool from a course using courseToolDelete with the tool ID.

Managing Users

  • List Users: userList provides a list of users registered in a specific tool.
  • Delete a User: Remove a user from the system with userDelete by providing the user ID.
  • Bulk Delete Users: To delete multiple users at once, userDeleteBulk allows you to provide a list of user IDs.

API Token Management

  • List API Tokens: View all API tokens using tokenList.
  • Add an API Token: Create a new API token for your applications with tokenAdd.
  • Delete an API Token: Use tokenDelete to remove an API token from the system.

These APIs facilitate a wide range of operations on the Linqur platform, from basic course management to advanced configurations and integrations. Understanding and utilizing these APIs can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of managing e-learning content and tools on the platform.

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