A list of LTI errors and their solutions

While connecting LTI tools many errors can occur. In this article we describe the errors and possible solutions.
Written by Joris Even
Updated 5 months ago

If you've found an error whithout a solution, or if you have found your own/better solution for an error described belown, please let us know and we will add it to the list as well as adding it to the platform debug assistant.

Error: The 'Publish as LTI tool' plugin is disabled.

Signature: 1c8ac05364f4106084ccb06da45437744c5a27a3fc6e7f6c9e4140bc54104609

Cause: The LTI tool itself is dIsabled in the Tool settings. 

Solution: This is not an error that should occur and can not be solved by the LTI consumer.

Please contact Linqur support or ask the person that supplied the LTI credentials to notify us about the error. Add Launch URL and Signature code in your email for a quick resolution. 

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